Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Strategic Radio Play and Music Techniques

Radio is one of the most significant areas of an artist record's life. Having your song played on commercial, college and internet radio is one of the most effective ways for consumers to discover your music. This webinar will explain radio monitoring, charting, tools required, radio terminology and strategic marketing techniques to help an artist to get on the radio, chart and sell their CD's. We will explore radio charts, pod casting sites, online digital sales web sites and much more. You will have the chance to ask questions and if an artist has released their project to radio we will be able to review radio monitoring systems BDS, Media guide and Media base.
Webinar Past Attendees Comments:

Terence O. Hayes,
Visionary, Vocalist, Writer, for 3 Time Dove Award Nominees-New Harvest The Webinar entitled ‘Strategic Radio Play and Digital Marketing Techniques’ was one of the best investments we have made as an INDIE Artists. Mr Harris breadth and wealth of knowledge kept our attention the entire broadcast. The information we heard and that was presented kept you attentive, listening, and absorbing all you needed to know to prepare your mind to do what needs to be done as an artists.

Letitia DeHoney
The information was informative and very necessary. Your research on the subject was awesome! Thanks, thanks, thanks for the knowledge Henry. Psalmist Doris Stokes Great job Henry...I stayed on for most of it but it was terrific information shared! Indies you're missing a treat!

Larry Knox
Mr. Harris it was an excellent Webinar very informative. You did an outstanding job with the presentation of it. This forum is definitely needed in order to be a successful Indie artist! Once again thanks for keeping it simple and straight forward. Blessing Ugbe- Okorji I loved the information gained yesterday, Mr Harris you are God sent, I have already started using the information gained. Thank you so much and may God bless you mightily.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Networking and Sharing Information

The vision of my Christian Internet Radio Service, is to provide a radio service through the use of internet technology playing and promoting the music ministry of Christian artists. For 24 hours a day the music flows and our audience tunes in,listens and support.

Artists call our studio and that's when the conversation begins, we asked them are you in the radio monitoring system? Do you have a distribution presence on the internet? Do you use Social Networking, Twitter, Myspace, Facebook? Before you know it we spent over an hour helping them with information and networking them with members of our network who are also willing to share.

Information is power and some people are not into power sharing. Having a vision is great but when the vision is part of a closed mind that's not so great. I would advise all artists who desire to learn the art of networking attend a political event and watch the candidate work the room. Yes the politician has a goal in mind but they understand it takes a network to win an election.

To the readers of this blog I challenge you to network and share information, helping someone to manifest their destiny is a good feeling, try it you may like it.

What do you say?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Music Conferences Agenda and Classes

The email blasts are arriving daily, advertisements of the various conferences. The theme for most are identical. Showcase, music competition, learn the music business from the experts, how to get played on the radio and a gala to send you home with memories.

Artists need and should expect more. The next time you register for a conference, you should ask yourself, will there be a chance for true networking? Are important people invited just to draw you in?

The classes and panels, filled with the same promises or will there be a commitment to help you get your music the exposure you need, radio? One thing to try when someone in radio accepts your project for consideration, ask if you can call them in the next few days and see the response.

To the Artists, everyone cannot be an idol, you should not desire to be one anyway, you should desire fairness in your music business journey. You should also know that records labels are not looking to sign you, they are having a hard time themselves.

Just last week black radio said that if they have to pay a performance fee for radio, they would not play new artists or most well known artists. This part of the conferences agenda is not as valuable as you think. Radio information at a conference is a big deal. Since radio play is at a premium the showcase and competitions are pushed more.

Evaluate wisely, seek and you will find other marketing opportunities for your ministry, stop falling for the same old same old.

Would love to hear your thoughts, just say what's on your mind. I am a friend.